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We manufacture and provide custom Metal Spinning of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials using the latest in CNC high volume/close tolerance spinning lathes, manual and hydraulic lathes. Every type of metal can be spun, turning out products in varying sizes.

These products serve a wide variety of small and large industries including (but not limited to) -

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Agricultural
  • Air Movement
  • Construction Equipment
  • Energy
  • Fabrication
  • Food Service
  • Furniture (Outdoor & Office)
  • Lighting (Domestic & Commercial)
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Metal Forming
  • Plastic Injecting Moulding Equipment
  • Recreational… and many more

Common Metal Spinning Manufactured Parts include:

Cones, Fan Panels, Hemispheres, Inlet Bells, Cylinders, Heads, Hoppers and many others

We are able to spin all types of metal such as:

Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Hot and Cold Rolled Steel, Zinc, Aluminium, Copper and Brass.

From short, medium or high volume runs, Tighe Metal Spinners Pty Ltd, can also offer a comprehensive range of services such as: prototype development, tool making, welding, annealing, anodising, stamping, machining, laser cutting, powder coating and heavy shearing.

Meeting your individual demands is the key to our success.

Specific Requirements

Need something shaped in a unique way, or maybe something simple?

We can form the shape you require! Domes, hemispheres, cones, cylinders, concave or convex shapes.

We spin metals to suit any requirement and create top quality products that will turn your idea into a reality!

We can manufacture complete articles from drawings or samples, ranging from light gauge through to heavy gauge materials with a diameter up to 152cm (60″) capacity.

We provide a complete tooling effect for all general metal spinning.

Australia Wide Service and Delivery

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